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Axial type fans are designed for Marine and Industrial applications where large volumes of air are required at moderate to high pressures.
And so, A large selection of outlet positions, casing geometries, casing thicknesses and materials is available for the various impeller types.
The tubular design, high efficiency rotor and integral straightening vanes provide high performance using minimal space.
These include belt drive with manually adjus -able blade pitch and direct drive with manually adjustable blade pitch.

Design Features

Capacity ------------------------------------ up to 4000 CMM
Pressure ------------------------------------- up to 200 mmAq
Inlet size --------------------------------- 300 up to 2000 mm
Casing thickness -------------------------- 1,5 up to 16 mm
Impeller types ------------------ AC, AS (adjustable pitch)
Motor frame size ------------------------------- 63 up to 315

- Electricity supply ; single or three-phase to suit a wide range of voltages and frequencies

- Motors maker ; korea & overseas Ex e, Ex d
Drive type ----------------- Coupling-, belt- or direct drive
Casing form? Combined casing, swing out shot casing
Surface treatment --- Primer, finish, hot-dip galvanized

-Impeller --------- cast aluminium, engineering plastic
-Casing -------------- Steel , aluminium, stainlesssteel

Thermal & IP Protection
Can be provided as an optional extra.

Explosion Proof

(Hazardous area application)
VENTIA fans can be made to accommodate requirements for corrosive fume and explosion riskapplications.
The casing of our explosion proof designs is lined with a spark protection plate of naval brass, which will cause no sparking due to friction or impact with the aluminium impeller.
And additionally, special coatings and alternative materials, such as stainless steel, are available as well as increased safety motors and plastic impellers.
Optimized Selection Table

You can select the fan you wanted as side table.
The shown table only represents a small part of the possible fans for each working point.
Other fan speeds, lower sound pressure or better efficiency can in most cases be selected.
A final selection should be discussed with one of our sales engineers.
Testing Rule

Air flow testing : 300-2000mm diameter - KS B 6311, DIN 24163,ISO 5801 Noise testing all sizes to KS C 1502/5
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